Noile lumini Martin în acțiune: Interviu cu Peter Dahlin, director de vânzări Martin Lighting

Noile lumini Martin în acțiune: Interviu cu Peter Dahlin, director de vânzări Martin Lighting

Luna trecută am făcut o vizită la Frankfurt pentru ediția din 2024 a târgului Prolight + Sound.

Am reușit să schimbăm o vorbă cu experții din domeniu și să vedem ce mai e nou în zona iluminatului de scenă, media technology și entertainment. Însă, recunoaștem, noi am petrecut cel mai mult timp la standul Martin, alături de noua vedetă Martin MAC Viper XIP ;) 

Tot aici ne-am întâlnit cu Peter, director de vânzări Martin, care ne este alături de când am devenit distribuitorul oficial Martin Lighting în România. 

Am povestit despre noile lămpi Martin (Mac ONE, Era 700 IP, Viper XIP), despre feedbackul clienților și de ce sunt lămpile Martin o investiție rentabilă pe termen lung. 


Mai jos este interviul nostru, în engleză, pentru autenticitate :)  


Firstly, what sets Mac ONE apart from previous models or similar products on the market? 

The MAC One is the new generation of the MAC 101 that was launched in 2010 and it stands out in several ways: 

  • It uses a Fresnel lens which works perfectly as we are using a single LED chip of 120 watt. 

  • For the first time we are using an RGB lime LED engine which gives some fantastic colours and also works very well for key lighting 

  • The MAC One only weighs 4.4 kg wherefore it is possible to have very fast pan/tilt speed. 

  • It comes with various accessories. The four-bar enables you to have four units on a bar for fast rigging. There is room in the 8-unit flight case to have the MAC Ones mounted on the four bar to save even more time. 

  • The MAC One is extremely versatile and can be used with just a few units together or several hundred units on a TV show. 


What sets ERA 700 Performance IP apart from previous models or similar products on the market? 

The ERA 700 Performance IP is the first IP65 rated moving head from Martin, and it has some unique features: 

  • Even though the Mac 700 is IP65-rated it is still able to “breathe”, therefore you will not experience condensation inside the fixture. 

  • The product is marine graded. It means it can operate outside on cruise ships or close to the sea without being damaged by salt water. 

  • One of the obvious uses will be theme parks. Often the same gobo or the same position of the framing module will be used day in and day out. This is normally harmful to a fixture, but we have put special attention to this phenomenon and secured extra cooling. This way the gobos and the framing system can stay in the same position for 8 hours at a time without heating problems. 


What sets MAC Viper XIP apart from previous models or similar products on the market? 

The MAC Viper XIP is the new LED fixture replacing the Famous MAC Viper family launched in 2012. Here are some of the new features: 

   - The XIP rating is unique to Martin. It is an IP54 rating, but it gives you a lot of advantages compared to the sealed IP65 rated fixtures. 

  • The fixture is “breathing” and will not create condensation inside 

  • It can be used outdoor for up to six months in any weather condition. 

  • It is compact in size and only weighs 36 kg – two kg less than the original MAC Viper Performance 

  - The MAC Viper XIP is one single product with a 5800K LED engine. There will not be numerous variants like cold and warm LED engines and long throw versions. The heavy frost filter also makes it suitable as a wash light. 

  - The LED engine is designed by Martin. The total capacity is 1100 watt, but we only run it at 740 watt. This gives the LED engine a very long time and we are offering 5 years warranty. We have done long term tests with the MAC Ultra that uses a similar LED engine, and after 33.000 hours of operation we have only seen a drop in output of 3-4%. 

  - We have a special light recycling system that reflects the light from the back of the gobos and iris back into the LED Engines and gives even more light output. Standard LED engines create a lot of heat and fixtures from other manufactures will normally reduce the output electronically by 20-30% when entering colours, gobos, or iris.  

How does Martin Lighting ensure that their fixtures are a reliable long-term investment for rental companies? 

One of the key things that make Martin fixtures stand out is the fact that we don’t launch a lot of new similar products. Rental companies know that a MAC One or a MAC Viper XIP will be the work horse for the next 5-8 years and will not suddenly be replaced. This makes Martin fixtures a safe investment. 


Are there any recent changes or updates to Martin Lighting products based on customer suggestions or requests? 

The recent change in the Martin product portfolio is the introduction of the XIP concept. Standard IP65-rated fixtures are heavy, bulky, vacuum sealed fixtures that are often with magnesium covers that cannot operate in salty environments. We introduced the MAC Aura XIP as a light weight, compact in- and outdoor fixture. After more than two years on the roof of the Martin R&D department in Aarhus the MAC Aura XIPs have been working 24/7 exposed to snow, heavy rain, and storms. Based on the long-term tests we are now confident to say that both the MAC Aura XIP and the MAC Viper XIP can work outdoor for up to six months.  


Îi mulțumim lui Peter pentru implicare, iar cine ar vrea să-l mai tragă de limbă trebuie să știe că îl poate întâlni când organizăm următoarea serie de demo-uri Martin. Până atunci, vă lăsăm cu câteva impresii de la edițiile de Live Demos Martin de anul trecut. 

P.S. Anul viitor ne vom vedea și în Barcelona, 4-7 Februarie 2025, la ISE. Vor fi și surprize 😉 

Suport clienti L - V: 10:00 - 18:00; S, D - Inchis

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